Group Classes Coming Fall 2020

Puppy Start Right Schedule 

1 Orientation, 4 1hr Puppy Classes

Before attending class with their dogs, owners are required to attend a mandatory one hour orientation without their puppy. Orientation will be offered two days each week (One week night and one weekend option) to better accommodate owners busy schedules.

After completing orientation owners and their puppies can begin to attend classes. There are four class themes (Health and Handling, Costumes and Appearances, Wheels and Children, and Obstacles and Surfaces). Owners get to attend each themed class in any order they would like, but they must complete attendance to all four classes before the puppy reaches 16 weeks of age.  When puppies attend all four class they will graduate from the program! 

Our Puppy Start Right Preschool class is offered multiple days each week. Take a look at our monthly schedule and decide what days you will attend class with your puppy.


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