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Our Training Philosophy 

Our mission at Ready, Set...Train! is to strengthen the relationship between dogs and humans by creating an open line of communication. We believe in training dogs and teaching people. Dogs learn appropriate ways to act and how to ask for things they want, and people learn how to better understand and communicate with their dogs. Compassion and positive reinforcement is the foundation to accomplishing understanding between you and your canine companion. Training is a partnership. Both the human and animal side of the relationship is important.


Behavioral problems are the number one cause of owner frustration and ultimately relinquishment for dogs under the age of three. Most of these behavioral problems can easily be avoided with a positive training approach and plan. Owners can prevent problems before they happen or remedy problems that are already present. 


Your dog is a family member and that is why we encourage every member of the family to be involved with the training. Our family friendly approach to training can be learned and implemented by the entire family. Instead of focusing on what the dog is doing wrong, we teach the dog the behaviors we want them to perform. This method is scientifically proven to be the fastest form of training. This is great news for dog owners! Currently top search and rescue, drug detection, and service dog organizations are adopting these training methods because of the fast learning and reliable results.


We believe that learning is a life-long endeavor. Our goal is to become better trainers and teachers for our clients and their animals. We attend continuing education events, acquire certifications, and participate in college level courses to deepen our understanding of animal behavior. 


We hope you will choose Ready Set…Train! for your training and behavior needs!

Our Services

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