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Aggression Case

Consultation and Training

This training and consultation is designed for dogs that show aggressive behaviors towards other animals or humans. We define aggression as an intent to do harm or control another animal or human through the use of hostile or violent behaviors, such as biting, growling, lunging, hard staring, or freezing. Aggressive behavior can be driven by fear, stress, genetics, resources, or dominance.


Our goal with aggressive dog training is to stop the practice of aggressive responses and to teach the dogs alternate appropriate behaviors that will replace the aggression. We do this through training, management, and positive reinforcement. We do not believe that you should treat aggressive behaviors by showing aggressive or hostile behaviors back to the dog. The use of aversive tools or training techniques can ultimately worsen aggression and harm the dog. There is an ever growing pool of research that supports this statement.  

Forms of aggression we frequently see and address include: 

  • Fear Related Aggression      

  • Dog to Dog Aggression     

  • Dog to Human Aggression

  • Resource Guarding            

  • Teritorial Aggression         


If your dog is showing aggressive behaviors and needs training please look at the full description of our training procedure below and fill out the behavior history sheet. After you fill out the behavior history you will be contacted and a consultation will be booked for a time that is best for your schedule. 

Initial Consult: $150

We Start with a consultation where we gather a behavior history and will carry out a functional assessment. From the behavior history and the functional assessment we determine what is causing the unwanted behavior(s). We then build a customized training plan for you and your dog. By the end of your first training session you will be able to identify the triggers causing your dogs unwanted behaviors and we begin implementing a behavior modification plan with your dog. Initial consults typically last 90 minutes to 2 hours. 

With any Initial Consult you will receive: 

  • An assessment that determines the cause of the unwanted behaviors.

  • Owners will receive a customized training plan.

  • One on one Coaching from a Certified trainer.

  • When safe we will demonstrated defensive handling techniques of aggressive dogs.

  • Understanding of your dogs specific body language. 

  • Owners will also receive phone and email support for one year. 

Dog lying in the withered grass
Black Dog

Training with Follow-up Sessions

Follow up sessions are usually scheduled every 1-2 weeks following the initial consult. We will recommend a package option based on the initial consult and an evaluation during the second session of the dogs behavior change. Progression though the training plan and measurements of the dogs behavioral improvements are achieved with each follow up session.  


Initial Consultation $150

Follow up Package options:

  • Single Session: $100

  • 3 Session Package: $280

  • 5 Session Package: $450

  • 7 Session Package: $600

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