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AKC Rally Obedience 


AKC Rally is one of four companion events (obedience, Rally, agility, and tracking). Rally develops better teamwork between you and your dog, as well as sharpens your dog’s obedience skills and behavior – at home and in public.

You and your dog navigate a course together, side-by-side, at your own brisk pace. You move your dog through a course with signs where they perform different exercises. The courses include various turns and commands such as sit, down, stay, etc.


You are allowed unlimited communication with your dog. The handler may use communication such as verbal commands, clapping your hands, patting your legs and using hand signals to praise and encourage your dog. This class is for those just starting out in canine sports for competition or just wanting to take basic obedience to the next level. This is a 6 week class.

Your dog should have some basic obedience training prior to taking this class.

Please Call Max 419-283-6149 if you are interested in joining a Rally Obedience Class. 

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