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Enroll Today! Group Training Classes

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Beginning Good Manners Course

Advanced Good Manners Course

Our 5-week Intro Good Manners Course will teach you and your dog all the foundation skills you need to have a happy well behaved canine partner. We focus on teaching  skills that don't just work in the classroom but in real life situations as well!

By the end of the course owners will be able to recognize, capture, and reinforce their dogs good behavior, while managing inappropriate behaviors. Owners will also learn how to teach their dogs new skills using positive reinforcement methods. 

Dogs will learn foundation skills that will be beneficial in real life situations. Behaviors include: Targeting, Come When Called, Loose Leash Walking, and Impulse Control around other dogs and people. By the end of this 5-week course your dog will be calmer and have better focus around other dogs and people.


Class Price: $80

Our Advanced Good Manners Course builds on the skills learned in our Intro Course. This class teaches more advanced behaviors and works on maintaining your dogs focus/attention around high level distractions

At the end of this 6 week class you and your dog will learn all the skills needed to pass the A.K.C.'s Canine Good Citizen test(C.G.C). During week 6 of this course we will administer the Canine Good Citizen test to all dogs in class. 


By the end of this course owners will be highly efficient problem solvers when taking their dogs to new distracting environments. They will also develop the training skills needed to teach advanced behaviors to their dogs. 

Dogs will learn all the required behaviors needed to pass the Canine Good Citizen test. 

Class Price $80

We are currently offering our group classes through Toledo's PET Bull Project. Sign-up by clicking the link bellow.     

Class Rules and Policies 

Vaccination Policy 

Our goal is to provide a healthy and safe training environment for both you and your dog. Vaccinating your dog is vital to protecting their health and well-being.  

We have vaccination requirements for every dog visiting our facility or participating in any group class. We do allow exceptions in our vaccine policy for dogs that have a history of vaccination reactions. We honor the vaccination policy created by Dr. Jean Dobbs for any dog where minimal vaccinations are advised or desired. 

The following vaccinations are required for all adult dogs entering our building. 

  • Rabies Vaccination 

  • DHLPP Vaccination 

  • Negative Fecal Exam

Policies and Rules

  • Please bring a hungry dog, small easy to eat treats, and a 4-6ft leash. 


  • Classes begin promptly at your classes predetermined start time. Please arrive early to class. Late arrivals may be turned away. 


  • The following equipment is not allowed in class

    • ​retractable leashes​

    • choke, prong, or shock collars


  • Please reframe from using your cell phone or mobile device during class. 


  • Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear while in classes. Tennis shoes are always a great option! 

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